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Home air purifier

Home air purifier

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Product parameters
Charging voltage/current: DC5.0V/1500mA Battery capacity: 10000mA
Battery power: 37W Fan power: first gear /1.7W; Second gear / 3.5 W; Three gears / 5 w
Anion concentration: 8*10? 6? 8PCS/cm (test at 100cm distance from transmitter head) Fan working flow: first gear /450mA; Second gear / 910 ma; Third gear /1300mA (ᄆ10%)
Execution standard: GB4706.45-2008 Quality inspection: qualified product
Product standard: one purifier, one data line, one manual and one certificate of qualification

Product size: 160*160*268mm

Product packaging color box: 182*182*302mm

Product standard configuration: one purifier, one data cable, one manual, one certificate

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